DAKIM Brain Fitness

DAKIM Brain Fitness - Alzheimer's Care in Ann Arbor, Michigan

EHM Senior Solutions was the first senior living provider in the state of Michigan to adopt the Dakim BrainFitness System as a part of its wellness programming for residents. EHM Senior Solutions selected the Dakim System over competing products because of its senior-friendly design, enjoyable multimedia activities, ability to be used by most seniors without caregiver assistance, and –critically– its status as the only solution built for long-term use considered key in using mental stimulation to fight dementia.

As a senior living and care facility, we have an obligation to do everything we can to maximize the residents’ quality of life, and a big part of that involves providing mental stimulation to help keep brains agile. Dakim has taken an innovative "lets have fun" approach that encourages consistent use, and we believe it makes a big difference in keeping our residents happy, productive and mentally fit.

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