Care Innovations™ Connect

 Care Innovations™ Connect

Designing Solutions to Keep You Connected

Through a unique partnership with Care Innovations™, Evangelical Homes of Michigan adopted the Connect in 2010 as part of the LifeChoice Solutions™ program, which serves older adults who choose to remain in their own homes. 

Connect provides an opportunity to help older adults living at home stay healthier and improve the quality of their lives through education, preventative care and social connectedness.

Connect includes an easy- to-use digital device which serves as a communication tool as well as a social networking and wellness platform. Connect combines:

  • Range of wellness surveys
  • Brain fitness games
  • Medication compliance reminders
  • Simple social networking tools

The lifestyle and wellness coaches at Evangelical Homes of Michigan can review this information and address questions and concerns raised by users quickly and efficiently. 

Contact us and learn more about the Connect.

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