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Evangelical Homes of Michigan - Church Ambassador Program

It is a priority of EHM Senior Solutions to maintain strong and meaningful relationships with all religious organizations. The Church Ambassador Program, through committed volunteer leadership, works to build relationships with the churches that will help their members understand and know their options on the issues related to senior housing and health care and the mission of EHM Senior Solutions. It is our vision to be fully recognized and supported as a viable and worthy cause throughout the churches in our service area, and that this will lead to stronger relationships and increased charitable support.

Many churches throughout Southeast Michigan are participating in the Church Ambassador Program. We are very grateful for these generous volunteers, who help to determine needs within the church membership and match them with available services.

Ambassador Focus

  • Building their knowledge of EHM Senior Solutions in order to act as a resource to church members on hot topics in the older adult health care and housing industry
  • Guiding church members to the proper resource, should they not know the answers
  • Informing members of EHM Senior Solutions and the need for support
  • Asking for philanthropic support through the church and its members

In addition, we ask for dialogue from each Ambassador on:

  • Tools needed for their congregation to gain an understanding of issues related to health care and housing of older adults
  • Process of developing the Ambassador program (what works in their particular case and how can we make this program great)

If you would like to participate in the Church Ambassador Program, contact Evangelical Homes of Michigan today for more information.

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