Ann Arbor Elderly Care - Michigan

It is the generosity of the Friends of Evangelical Homes of Michigan that makes possible all the wonderful care and kindness we are able to provide every day of the year. We have been called to continue changing the lives of older adults; we know lives change when fed with faith, love, compassionate care and purposeful stewardship. Our Friends provide us with the necessary financial gifts to do this important work.

Our Friends are able to make donations to specific communities and services, or they can direct their gifts to wherever the need is greatest. We are blessed with donations that come in all sizes and shapes. Each gift is special; it is the gifts combined that allow us to continue serve our neighbors.

The largest need supported by Evangelical Homes of Michigan is the charitable care and services we provide. Many of our residents outlive their financial savings. Each year, we provide nearly $2 million for the care of older adults in our communities. This is an area of need that is growing and continues to benefit from your support.

Contact our philanthropy team today to learn about immediate and future needs at Evangelical Homes of Michigan. We sincerely thank you for your kindness and generosity. We can be reached by email at: or call 248-871-5001 to speak with a representative from our philanthropy department.

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