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Theresa Grigsby Interview

I’m here with Theresa Grigsby our third addition to the Rockstar Employee Showcase. Just like with any other interview I’ve had the privilege of doing, I’m excited to sit down with Theresa. Theresa has been here for 10 years, and we’re lucky to have her!

Interviewer: Melissa Walker begins the conversation.

Melissa Walker:
Good afternoon Theresa. I hope you’ve had a wonderful day so far! Thanks for taking time out to chat with me! I know I see you in the halls a lot in passing, but we don’t get to chat very often. So, I’m looking forward to learning more about you. So, with that let’s get started. Can you share a little bit about yourself?

Theresa Grigsby: Ok, well, I was born in Garden City, MI and now I live in Redford, MI since 91’. I’m married to Mike and I have 3 grown children: Brian, Mandi, and Scott. I have four beautiful grandkids: three girls ages 9,7, and 4 and one grandson age 2.

Melissa: Those are busy and fun ages. They still have lots of curiosity. I’m sure they bring you so much enjoyment. My kids are around those same ages and my house is full of life. If your anything like my children's grandparents they look forward to seeing them when they're not working or traveling. Can tell us what you do here at EHM when your away from family?

Theresa: I’m the Clinical Support Specialist for Shared Services Home Health Care (SSHHC). My partner Sue Nikischer and I keep the office running. We are all about paperwork and answering the phones! Going into my 11th year. I started out as the first scheduler for Private Duty.

Melissa: Sounds like you have a pretty high demand role to play for SSHHC. Can you share with us any fun and exciting things you enjoy doing when your not with your EHM family or your grandkids?

Theresa: Sure, I go to Nascar races in the infield every June and August. I’ve been going for the last 14 years. I go with the family.

Melissa: Wow, that sounds like fun. I don’t know anyone personally who's ever been to a Nascar race. Well there you have it, folks, we have an in-house Nascar expert! For anyone reading this interview interested in Nascar, see Theresa!

Theresa: Yes, come to see me!

Melissa: So, you mentioned a moment ago that you’ve been with EHM going on 11 years. That stood out to me because one of the commonalities between all three of our Rockstar employees so far (not intentionally) is how long you all have been with this company. That is commendable. Especially today, when many people don’t stay with one company for more than 3 years. I believe it’s a testament of EHM and you! It's really impressive to hear you've been here so long. So, I know you can share many stories with us on how EHM has affected your life. But, tell me what stands out the most about those moments and/or experiences.

Theresa: Well, I can say the thing that stands out the most across all of my experiences and moments are the valuable lessons about life I've learned from each of them. How we affect the lives of others is valuable. Most recently we got a phone call from a recently discharged patient who had just completed physical therapy. She was extremely grateful to have had help when she felt no one else would or could help her. She stated that “Susan saved my life. She not only helped me physically but also mentally. Susan is so sweet.” She also knew she now had the tools to help herself! Being able to be part of a company that affects lives so intimately, always keeps me on my toes. I’ve grown and continue to learn valuable life lessons.

Melissa: Yes. Wow.

Theresa: Another story I could share. In private duty, we had a 24-hour hospice case of a widowed male of 10 years. Leslie was the lead morning shift. He connected with her right away and even though he was dying, he was no longer lonely. He seemed to perk up a bit when Leslie would come in the mornings. The family jokingly said Leslie was his second wife because they could see the difference her company made in his daily life. In the end, Leslie was with him when he passed, the family was very grateful for the support, an attentive care that was given to their loved one. This is the value and importance of home care!

Melissa: You are absolutely right Theresa. Home care is an invaluable service. The care our staff provides to our patients comes from such a human, and caring place. I can only imagine the difference so many of you have made and will continue to make in so many people’s lives. Thank you so much for sharing these stories. I love hearing them. It reminds me why the work we do here at EHM matters every time I sit with you all! Thank you for your time! I don't have any more questions for you! I hope you have a great day!

If you liked what you read and wish to congratulate Theresa Grigsby please email us: Until next time, be well.

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