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Good For You, Good For The Earth
Good For You, Good For The Earth


As we prepare to celebrate Earth Month this April, many of us will focus on making choices that improve the health of our planet.  An added bonus is that several strategies that shrink our carbon footprint can also help to shrink our waistlines.

Shrink or Share Your Portions – Starting with smaller portions has been shown to decrease the amount we eat – saving us important calories.  Smaller portions also tend to decrease the amount of food we end up throwing away.  This strategy is a win-win for the planet that both reduces waste and reduces the demands of producing more food than we really need.  When eating out, if small portions aren’t available, share dishes with friends.  You’ll get to taste a variety of foods without the added calories or waste.

Consider the Environment When Planning Your Meals – Registered Dietitian, Anne Maynard, at EHM Saline adds “You can lessen your environmental impact based on the foods you choose at each meal. The concept of ‘Meatless Monday’ has been around for years. Consider substituting seasoned lentils for ground beef in nearly any recipe, such as tacos, whole grain pasta with meat sauce, or shepherd’s pie. Lentils provide a texture and bulk similar to ground meat, are rich in protein & fiber, but require very little water and energy to produce in comparison to meats or fish.”

Small changes add up to make a big difference!




1. Freedman MR, Brochado C. Reducing portion size reduces food intake and plate waste. Obesity (Silver Spring). 2010 Sep;18(9):1864-6.



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