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Shayna Stillwagon Interview

We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Shayna Stillwagon, one of our many ROCKSTAR Employees. Read on to learn more about Shayna and her experience as an EHM Senior Solutions employee. ---

For over 15 years, Shayna Stillwagon has been a dedicated employee of EHM. We couldn’t be more thrilled to kick off our ROCKSTAR Employee initiative than with Shayna.

Interviewer: Melissa Walker begins the conversation.

Melissa Walker: Good afternoon, Shayna. Thank you for taking a bit of your time to share with us about your EHM journey. So, let’s dive right in. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Shayna Stillwagon: Well, I’m 31 years old and I live in Britton, MI. I was born and pretty much raised there. We moved away a couple of times, but I always came back. I have 3 daughters: Elizabeth 11, Sara 6, and Abigail 4.

Melissa: Sounds like you have your hands full! But, I’m sure you wouldn’t have it any other way! Ok, so tell us something interesting that we don’t know about you!

Shayna: I love cosplay, I’m a huge nerd.

[INSERT: For those who may not know what cosplay is, it is the practice of dressing up as a character from a movie, book, or video game, especially one from the Japanese genres of manga and anime.]

Melissa: Oh wow! How interesting! I’ve never done anything like that before but, I know it’s very popular! So, tell us how long you’ve been with EHM, and I heard it through the grapevine that you family who works here to?

Shayna: Yes, I do. My mom is a housekeeper and has been for 20 years, my sister is also a CNA here and my Dad used to work here back in the day!

Melissa: Wow, it is truly a family affair! It’s so humbling to know that EHM has been such a huge part of your family.

Shayna: Yes. So, for me, I began here about 15 years old. I started in the kitchen when I was 16, then after high school I joined the Navy. After my time of service, I came back to work in the kitchen for another 5 years. I did a little moving for about 5 years and came back. Then, I came back to work in housekeeping and now I’m a CNA.

Melissa: What an interesting journey you’ve had with EHM. How wonderful is it to know you always have a place with an employer?  It becomes more than work but like family! Very good! Okay, so tell us how EHM has affected your life?

Shayna: EHM is like family to me, they have been supportive through every journey I go through, from joining the Navy to becoming a CNA, and I know they will be right beside me as I continue my education to become a RN. They help me help others with my passion. I love helping others that are in need, no matter how big or how small the job is!

Melissa: Shayna, that is beautiful. It’s a testament to the values of this company! EHM values the whole person and you are just one of the many stories that share this same sentiment! Okay, so last question. Share with us an amazing experience you’ve had since working with EHM.

Shayna: I could come up with so many over the many years I’ve worked here. But I think one of the ones that has touched me the most is this one: There was a resident who I loved to visit with, he would always tell me stories about his time of service during WWII. When I told him, I was joining the Navy after high school he was so excited because he was also in the Navy. He would always tell everyone he was the reason I was joining the Navy. When I shipped out he would always ask my mom (who is also and EHM employee) how I was doing. After boot camp and anytime I came home on leave I would make sure to come in and visit him. Fast forward to Thanksgiving, I was set to come home on leave, he had been asking as usual when I was coming home next. So, when I got in, I paid him a visit. He passed the next day. His care for me and my wellbeing touched me. He was like family to me, I feel like I he was waiting to see me one last time.

There have been quite a few residents that have really touched me and left a lasting mark that I will never forget.

Melissa: Wow, Shayna. That is so touching. We often never get the opportunity to reflect on how those we serve touch our lives. Thank you for sharing! We appreciate and value all that you bring to the EHM family. Thank you for taking time out of your busy scheduled to chat with us, have a wonderful day!

Well, this has been the first of many interviews with our ROCKSTAR employees. If you liked what you read, and wish to congratulate Shayna Stillwagon please email us: Until next time, be well.