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Eat. Live. Do. Well: Plant Forward
Eat. Live. Do. Well: Plant Forward

A New Way of Eating: There’s a relatively new buzz term around the food world that you may or may not have heard of, plant forward.  Plant forward focuses on more vegetable centric dishes with meat playing more of a supportive role.  Think blended burgers, stir-fry’s or grain bowls where meat is almost like a condiment.  Flavors are bold and it’s all about the dish’s deliciousness whether it happens to be vegan or vegetarian, or not.  Diners aren’t interested in completely removing meat from their diets, so embracing a diet that is mostly plants with some meat here and there provides a comfortable middle ground.

The Challenge with Red Meat: Conventional animal agriculture is resource intense and less than stellar for the environment.  Ruminate animals release methane gas into the atmosphere which is about twenty five times more intense than carbon dioxide.  Let’s face it, our country’s enormous appetite for beef is not so great for our health and the health of our planet.  While most of us eat enough protein overall, the type of protein foods we are choose could use some improvement.  Shifting to legumes and other plant proteins can add important nutrients and reduce saturated fat.  According to the NRDC, beef is approx. 34 times more carbon intensive than beans and legumes, pound for pound.

How to Eat More ‘Plant Forward’: Chefs are not only swapping out red meat for other animal proteins, but also creating insanely delicious plant forward menus that can be better for our waistlines and the environment.  Load up your plate with more vegetables, fruit, whole grains, and legumes.  Rebecca, RD advises that being plant forward doesn’t necessarily mean becoming a vegetarian. Simple changes like cutting your normal meat portion in half and doubling your usual serving of vegetables, can really make an impact on your health. Or just participate in meatless Mondays by going vegetarian one day a week can not only aid in your health but in the environment as well.




Theresa Grigsby Interview

I’m here with Theresa Grigsby our third addition to the Rockstar Employee Showcase. Just like with any other interview I’ve had the privilege of doing, I’m excited to sit down with Theresa. Theresa has been here for 10 years, and we’re lucky to have her!

Interviewer: Melissa Walker begins the conversation.

Melissa Walker:
Good afternoon Theresa. I hope you’ve had a wonderful day so far! Thanks for taking time out to chat with me! I know I see you in the halls a lot in passing, but we don’t get to chat very often. So, I’m looking forward to learning more about you. So, with that let’s get started. Can you share a little bit about yourself?

Theresa Grigsby: Ok, well, I was born in Garden City, MI and now I live in Redford, MI since 91’. I’m married to Mike and I have 3 grown children: Brian, Mandi, and Scott. I have four beautiful grandkids: three girls ages 9,7, and 4 and one grandson age 2.

Melissa: Those are busy and fun ages. They still have lots of curiosity. I’m sure they bring you so much enjoyment. My kids are around those same ages and my house is full of life. If your anything like my children's grandparents they look forward to seeing them when they're not working or traveling. Can tell us what you do here at EHM when your away from family?

Theresa: I’m the Clinical Support Specialist for Shared Services Home Health Care (SSHHC). My partner Sue Nikischer and I keep the office running. We are all about paperwork and answering the phones! Going into my 11th year. I started out as the first scheduler for Private Duty.

Melissa: Sounds like you have a pretty high demand role to play for SSHHC. Can you share with us any fun and exciting things you enjoy doing when your not with your EHM family or your grandkids?

Theresa: Sure, I go to Nascar races in the infield every June and August. I’ve been going for the last 14 years. I go with the family.

Melissa: Wow, that sounds like fun. I don’t know anyone personally who's ever been to a Nascar race. Well there you have it, folks, we have an in-house Nascar expert! For anyone reading this interview interested in Nascar, see Theresa!

Theresa: Yes, come to see me!

Melissa: So, you mentioned a moment ago that you’ve been with EHM going on 11 years. That stood out to me because one of the commonalities between all three of our Rockstar employees so far (not intentionally) is how long you all have been with this company. That is commendable. Especially today, when many people don’t stay with one company for more than 3 years. I believe it’s a testament of EHM and you! It's really impressive to hear you've been here so long. So, I know you can share many stories with us on how EHM has affected your life. But, tell me what stands out the most about those moments and/or experiences.

Theresa: Well, I can say the thing that stands out the most across all of my experiences and moments are the valuable lessons about life I've learned from each of them. How we affect the lives of others is valuable. Most recently we got a phone call from a recently discharged patient who had just completed physical therapy. She was extremely grateful to have had help when she felt no one else would or could help her. She stated that “Susan saved my life. She not only helped me physically but also mentally. Susan is so sweet.” She also knew she now had the tools to help herself! Being able to be part of a company that affects lives so intimately, always keeps me on my toes. I’ve grown and continue to learn valuable life lessons.

Melissa: Yes. Wow.

Theresa: Another story I could share. In private duty, we had a 24-hour hospice case of a widowed male of 10 years. Leslie was the lead morning shift. He connected with her right away and even though he was dying, he was no longer lonely. He seemed to perk up a bit when Leslie would come in the mornings. The family jokingly said Leslie was his second wife because they could see the difference her company made in his daily life. In the end, Leslie was with him when he passed, the family was very grateful for the support, an attentive care that was given to their loved one. This is the value and importance of home care!

Melissa: You are absolutely right Theresa. Home care is an invaluable service. The care our staff provides to our patients comes from such a human, and caring place. I can only imagine the difference so many of you have made and will continue to make in so many people’s lives. Thank you so much for sharing these stories. I love hearing them. It reminds me why the work we do here at EHM matters every time I sit with you all! Thank you for your time! I don't have any more questions for you! I hope you have a great day!

If you liked what you read and wish to congratulate Theresa Grigsby please email us: Until next time, be well.


Michelle Wood Interview

I’m here with Michelle Woody our second addition in the EHM Rockstar Employee Showcase. Just like our last interview I’m always so excited to sit down with EHM’s Rockstar Employees. For 11 years Michelle has been a dedicated employee of EHM. I’m are proud to share her story!

Interviewer: Melissa Walker begins the conversation.

Melissa Walker: Good morning Michelle. It’s always nice to see you! Thanks so much for taking time out of your busy day to answer a few questions and share your story with us. Let’s get started. Can you share a little bit about yourself?

Michelle Woody: Ok, well, I’m originally from Ann Arbor. I lived there for most of my life – well, between Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti. Then in 2015 my husband and I moved to Howell. I’m a student at Schoolcraft College in the ADN program. Oh, I’m a twin.

Melissa: Twin brother or sister

Michelle: Sister. She also worked for EHM at one point.

Melissa: Oh, wow. That's interesting. Shayna, last month's Rockstar Employee also had family members who have worked and still work for EHM. That's awesome.


Michelle: Yeah, that is. Oh, I also have a 3-year-old Pembroke Welsh Corgi. I’m obsessed with Bilbo!

Melissa: Do you have any pictures? I’d love to see him. You know one thing I’ve noticed here at EHM is our love for animals and the respect for the benefit they bring to our residents. For example, I know Brady from Therapaws comes and visits our residents and they just love him.

Michelle: I love to see our therapy dogs! They’re ridiculously cute!

[Take a look Michelle's Corgi Bilbo]:

Melissa: I know! So, can you share a little bit about what you do here at EHM?

Michelle: I do intake and scheduling for Skilled Home Care Services. I have been given an opportunity through EHM to work with some amazing clinicians. The team that transitioned over in 2007 has helped me grow both as a person as well as professionally. I have learned things through various roles with the company that I would have not otherwise learned which has given me a broad knowledge base to start my nursing school journey.

Melissa: What a beautiful testament of the staff here at EHM. You know we spend so much time in the workplace, and the people we work oftentimes make such huge differences in our lives – sometimes in ways can’t see. I think it’s awesome that you can see the affect your co-workers have had in your life. So, share with us some your favorite EHM stories.

Michelle: Here’s one. Back in 2010, we had a young patient, still in high school (at the time, we had pediatric nurses) who was fighting terminal cancer, but the patient and her family were not ready to sign on to hospice. Our team worked with them until they did sign up for hospice services. Ok so, as I mentioned the patient was a senior in high school, and had two major events coming up: prom and graduation.

Our team rallied around the patient and worked together to make sure the patient was able to participate in both events. Members of the corporate team donated money, clothes, and other necessary items for prom. Members of the skilled home care team planned to attend the prom as an “entourage” just in case any personal needs came up. As prom came closer, members of the team wore purple to support and pray for this young patient to make it to prom. I was so blessed to able to be a part of her prom entourage. She made it to prom despite her decline and to graduation! It’s these opportunities and moments that show and remind me why I got into healthcare. To see all our staff rally around this young patient just shows the goodness in the world and here at EHM.

Melissa: Michelle, that is so moving! I can only imagine how touched this patient’s family was by such beautiful acts of kindness. I’m touched just hearing this story. You know I’ve only had the privilege to do two of these interviews, and I am so moved by the beauty of the EHM staff. Radical Hospitality at its finest.

Thank you so much for sharing. Thank you for your dedication to EHM, and the humanity to you bring our company. This ends our interview today, again, thank you for taking time to sit and chat with me today.

If you liked what you and wish to congratulate Michelle Woody please email us:

Until next time, be well.


Eat Right, Live Well
Eat Right, Live Well

Eat Right, Live Well

DASH: Good for Mind and Body

Eating well can certainly improve our physical health, but what if it could improve our mental well-being as well?  The DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) eating plan has been tested, successfully by researchers since the last 1990s, as a way to lower blood pressure.  A recent study suggests that people who follow DASH may also have a lower risk for depression.  DASH emphasizes fruits, vegetables, and low-fat dairy and is low in meat, sugar-sweetened beverages, and saturated fat.  This makes is an overall healthful way of eating for people with and without high blood pressure.  Here are a few key parts of the DASH eating plan.

Increase your fruits and vegetables: Nicole, our Registered Dietitian, recommends when following the DASH diet, you are urged to eat 8-10 servings of fruits and vegetables per day. This is double of what most Americans consume in one day! A good way to increase fruit and vegetable consumption is making half of your plate fruits and vegetables, adding a salad to at least one meal a day, and incorporating fresh fruit into breakfast cereals or breakfast smoothies.   By choosing more fruits and vegetables, you will unintentionally be decreasing your consumption of sodium and meat proteins, which is an important aspect of the DASH diet.

Don’t skip the dairy: If you haven’t been getting your 2-3 servings of low-fat dairy, it may be time to reconnect with this food group.  Calcium is another nutrient thought to help with DASH’s beneficial effect on blood pressure.  If cow’s milk products are not for you, look for replacements that offer similar amounts of calcium, protein, and vitamin D.

Nuts and Seeds: In addition to protein, fiber, and magnesium, nuts provide an antioxidant that may work to lower high blood pressure.  Aim for 4-5 servings per week to take advantage of this benefit!

Want to learn more about the DASH eating plan?  Visit the NIH for more information.



1. Diet Shown to Reduce Stroke Risk May Also Reduce Risk of Depression.

2. DASH ranked Best Diet Overall for eighth year in a row by U.S. News and World Report.

3. Lin PH, Allen JD, Li YJ, Yu M, Lien LF, Svetkey LP. Blood Pressure-Lowering Mechanisms of the DASH Dietary Pattern. J Nutr Metab. 2012;2012:472396.


Good For You, Good For The Earth
Good For You, Good For The Earth


As we prepare to celebrate Earth Month this April, many of us will focus on making choices that improve the health of our planet.  An added bonus is that several strategies that shrink our carbon footprint can also help to shrink our waistlines.

Shrink or Share Your Portions – Starting with smaller portions has been shown to decrease the amount we eat – saving us important calories.  Smaller portions also tend to decrease the amount of food we end up throwing away.  This strategy is a win-win for the planet that both reduces waste and reduces the demands of producing more food than we really need.  When eating out, if small portions aren’t available, share dishes with friends.  You’ll get to taste a variety of foods without the added calories or waste.

Consider the Environment When Planning Your Meals – Registered Dietitian, Anne Maynard, at EHM Saline adds “You can lessen your environmental impact based on the foods you choose at each meal. The concept of ‘Meatless Monday’ has been around for years. Consider substituting seasoned lentils for ground beef in nearly any recipe, such as tacos, whole grain pasta with meat sauce, or shepherd’s pie. Lentils provide a texture and bulk similar to ground meat, are rich in protein & fiber, but require very little water and energy to produce in comparison to meats or fish.”

Small changes add up to make a big difference!




1. Freedman MR, Brochado C. Reducing portion size reduces food intake and plate waste. Obesity (Silver Spring). 2010 Sep;18(9):1864-6.




Shayna Stillwagon Interview

We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Shayna Stillwagon, one of our many ROCKSTAR Employees. Read on to learn more about Shayna and her experience as an EHM Senior Solutions employee. ---

For over 15 years, Shayna Stillwagon has been a dedicated employee of EHM. We couldn’t be more thrilled to kick off our ROCKSTAR Employee initiative than with Shayna.

Interviewer: Melissa Walker begins the conversation.

Melissa Walker: Good afternoon, Shayna. Thank you for taking a bit of your time to share with us about your EHM journey. So, let’s dive right in. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Shayna Stillwagon: Well, I’m 31 years old and I live in Britton, MI. I was born and pretty much raised there. We moved away a couple of times, but I always came back. I have 3 daughters: Elizabeth 11, Sara 6, and Abigail 4.

Melissa: Sounds like you have your hands full! But, I’m sure you wouldn’t have it any other way! Ok, so tell us something interesting that we don’t know about you!

Shayna: I love cosplay, I’m a huge nerd.

[INSERT: For those who may not know what cosplay is, it is the practice of dressing up as a character from a movie, book, or video game, especially one from the Japanese genres of manga and anime.]

Melissa: Oh wow! How interesting! I’ve never done anything like that before but, I know it’s very popular! So, tell us how long you’ve been with EHM, and I heard it through the grapevine that you family who works here to?

Shayna: Yes, I do. My mom is a housekeeper and has been for 20 years, my sister is also a CNA here and my Dad used to work here back in the day!

Melissa: Wow, it is truly a family affair! It’s so humbling to know that EHM has been such a huge part of your family.

Shayna: Yes. So, for me, I began here about 15 years old. I started in the kitchen when I was 16, then after high school I joined the Navy. After my time of service, I came back to work in the kitchen for another 5 years. I did a little moving for about 5 years and came back. Then, I came back to work in housekeeping and now I’m a CNA.

Melissa: What an interesting journey you’ve had with EHM. How wonderful is it to know you always have a place with an employer?  It becomes more than work but like family! Very good! Okay, so tell us how EHM has affected your life?

Shayna: EHM is like family to me, they have been supportive through every journey I go through, from joining the Navy to becoming a CNA, and I know they will be right beside me as I continue my education to become a RN. They help me help others with my passion. I love helping others that are in need, no matter how big or how small the job is!

Melissa: Shayna, that is beautiful. It’s a testament to the values of this company! EHM values the whole person and you are just one of the many stories that share this same sentiment! Okay, so last question. Share with us an amazing experience you’ve had since working with EHM.

Shayna: I could come up with so many over the many years I’ve worked here. But I think one of the ones that has touched me the most is this one: There was a resident who I loved to visit with, he would always tell me stories about his time of service during WWII. When I told him, I was joining the Navy after high school he was so excited because he was also in the Navy. He would always tell everyone he was the reason I was joining the Navy. When I shipped out he would always ask my mom (who is also and EHM employee) how I was doing. After boot camp and anytime I came home on leave I would make sure to come in and visit him. Fast forward to Thanksgiving, I was set to come home on leave, he had been asking as usual when I was coming home next. So, when I got in, I paid him a visit. He passed the next day. His care for me and my wellbeing touched me. He was like family to me, I feel like I he was waiting to see me one last time.

There have been quite a few residents that have really touched me and left a lasting mark that I will never forget.

Melissa: Wow, Shayna. That is so touching. We often never get the opportunity to reflect on how those we serve touch our lives. Thank you for sharing! We appreciate and value all that you bring to the EHM family. Thank you for taking time out of your busy scheduled to chat with us, have a wonderful day!

Well, this has been the first of many interviews with our ROCKSTAR employees. If you liked what you read, and wish to congratulate Shayna Stillwagon please email us: Until next time, be well. 

Recharge Your Resolutions
Recharge Your Resolutions

Recharge Your Resolutions

Did you start the year out with big resolutions to improve your health?  Have some of them started to slip?  March is National Nutrition Month and a perfect time to recharge your resolutions.

Be realistic – setting big health-related goals can be motivating but if the goals are too lofty it can backfire.  Instead of setting yourself up for failure with goals that are too hard to reach, consider breaking them into steps.  For example, if you need to eat more vegetables, becoming a vegan may be too big of a first step.  Instead, start with the flexitarian approach of choosing some meat-free meals each week.  Need ideas for realistic goals? has a section on starting with small changes and celebrating them as “My Plate, My Wins.”

Consistency vs. Perfection - When it comes to your health, what you do most of the time is more important than the occasional slip.  If you have been working on eating less sugar and indulged in a big dessert over the weekend, let it go and get back on track.  One off day doesn’t change all of the good you accomplished on the other days.  When it comes to eating and other behaviors, aim for consistency instead of perfection.

A goal without a plan is just a wish – Anne, Clinical Dietitian at EHM Senior Solutions Saline, recommends “If you feel yourself falling short on New Year’s resolutions, take time to reevaluate your strategy. Make a plan for success by mapping out the tasks you need to complete for the week in order to make progress toward your goal. Whether you’re setting out to increase your vegetable intake, taking time to meditate, or working more physical activity into your day, be sure to plan ahead for success.”

For recipes and other tips, visit


Go Red! Celebrate Your Health
Go Red! Celebrate Your Health

Go Red!

February is American Heart Month and on February 2nd, the American Heart Association and the National Institutes of Health celebrate National Wear Red Day to bring attention to the number one killer of women, heart disease. 


Celebrate Your Health!

When it comes to heart health, there are some changes that pack a big punch.  Celebrate your health and the health of others in you life by making these strategies a priority:

• Move More.  The more active you are, the better you will feel and the lower your risk for heart disease will be.  All activity sounds, so don't skip it if you are short on time.  Ten minutes, three times a day is enough to make a difference.

• Eat more of the good stuff.  Registered Dietitian at EHM Senior Solutions in Saline, MI, Rebecca Round recommends "One way to “eat more of the good stuff” is by drinking green smoothies. They are a fast and easy way to get your veggies in the morning. Smoothies are portable which makes them the perfect breakfast for a person on the go. Just mix yogurt with frozen fruits and green leafy vegetables and blend till smooth. Add flax or chia seeds to add more fiber and heart healthy antioxidants. There’s no limit to the combinations of smoothie flavors, so let your imagination run wild. If you’re not a person who likes to experiment, the internet is a great source of recipes for those new to the green smoothie craze. So raise a glass of the “green” stuff and drink to your heart health!"

• Eat less of the not so good stuff.  Foods that are high in sodium (salt), trans or saturated fat, and added sugar such as bacon or packaged snacks and desserts, increase your heart disease risk and should be reduced.  

• Know where you stand - not all risk factors are obvious and some developing heart symptoms have no symptoms at all.  Check in with your doctor regularly to see what your personal heart disease risk is.  

Check out the American Heart Association to learn more at


2018 Crain's Book of Lists

We're elated to be listing in the 2018 Crain's Book of Lists! This year are listed as the 11th largest nonprofit in Michigan!


Click the graphic below to see full listing:

2017 Crain's Book of Lists

We're thrilled! EHM Senior Solutions was listed as the 14th largest nonprofit in Michigan by Crain's!


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