Senior Living in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Not sure which of our in-home or community services fit your individual needs? We can help.

Lifechoices Senior Living - Evangelical Homes of Michgan

LifeChoices® our continuing care at home program allows a member to be cared for and receive services for life, similar to a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) model, but without the usual campus structure.  Members remain in their homes versus in a retirement community setting.  

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  • Wellness Blog: Be Your Own Health Advocate Posted 2 days ago
    After a doctor’s appointment, do you leave and realize you forgot to ask a question? Do you feel something was not explained to you well enough? Feeling this way may be more detrimental to your health than you think.
  • Wellness Blog: One of the Seven Dwarfs Is Coming to Visit - Sneezy! Posted last week
    Though it may seem like this winter is never ending, spring will be in full force before too long. Unfortunately, with spring comes allergy season.
  • Bald For A Cause Posted 2 weeks ago
    Berge Avesian, who works in our LifeChoice Solutions division, challenged team members by indicating if we met our goal he would shave off his thick black hair.
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